When a musician with Lonnie Hopper’s credentials sings the praises of Bob Lovett and RLE, be prepared for something special. I wrote this endorsement sitting in my basement shortly after hearing  ”How Sweet The Sound” by Bob Lovett & Red Letter Edition. I’ve always taken “liner notes” with a grain of salt. Not so on this project. The endorsements on this page are all “spot on” in their comments.   

             But, I didn’t read any of  the endorsements before I sat down with a pair of earphones and became absorbed by the music. The harmonies of these four men sounds like genuine family harmony. Max’s guitar work is nothing short of superb, and listen to his rock-solid bass work. Bob’s phrasing is ear catching…but not pretentious. Guests musicians Jaime Haage and Greg Moody are outstanding.
This is the bands first gospel project, and the work of these fine musicians is focused on praise, and not toward themselves.  Thirty-one minutes forty-eight seconds. Take that much time and become absorbed in authentic Ozark’s Gospel praise and excellent “First-Fruits” musicianship.

- Dan O’Day, former host of “Dan’s Place” on KTTS-AM/FM and KOMG-FM in Springfield, Missouri.

"The new Bob Lovett & Red Letter Edition, 'How Sweet the Sound' project is a fine one. It will get more airplay on Bluegrass Breakdown."

- Walter Volz, Host of Bluegrass Breakdown, Sundays noon to 2 p.m. on KDHX 88.1                             LISTEN LIVE - BLUEGRASSBREAKDOWN

Bob Lovett

Red Letter Edition

"Take some excellent bluegrass gospel standards, add some foundational gospel hymns, a dash of original songs, and then for good measure just a dash of Elvis and you have the recipe for an excellent CD!  Of course, you need a great band to put it all together and Red Letter Edition does just that.  Roger Matthews doesn’t take a backseat to anyone on the banjo and shows his lesser known but equally impressive talent as a songwriter with “Pardon Multiplied”.  Brian Grim wrote two songs, “I Hear My Savior Calling Me” and “Lone Star Church” and contributes to the overall sound with his tasteful Dobro guitar.  Not to be outdone Bob himself wrote “Pray like Daniel” and is one of the finest lead singers and guitar pickers to call the Ozarks home.  Max King sets the pace with his bass and his harmony singing is the glue that holds it all together. Throw in songs from Flatt & Scruggs, Mosie Lister, and even Elvis and you have a little of this and a little of that and it all comes together deliciously.  I think I’ll have another helping of “How Sweet the Sound” please".  

– Gene Skinner, Host of “Great Stuff Radio”, a nationally syndicated bluegrass program being carried on over 70 radio stations in 20 states.

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"Bob Lovett & Red Letter Edition is a group of fine Christian men who have a heart for the Gospel! They not only do a fantastic job singing it, they also live it! I highly recommend going to see them live or booking them for your next event."

- Clayton Moore, Clayton Moore Gospel Music Agency

"If you enjoy gospel music with inspired vocals and captivating instrumentals, "How Sweet the Sound" is for you. Flatt and Scruggs' classic, "Get in Line Brother," will get your toe to tapping and RLE's bluegrass rendition of songs written by Southern Gospel greats, Mosie Lister and Joel Hemphill, are truly aural blessings. However, the "standouts" on the CD are the four originals written by band-members Bob Lovett, Roger Matthews and Brian Grim. In addition to great lyrics, Grim's "Lone Star Church," has excellent guitar picking throughout and Lovett's original, "Pray Like Daniel," features great lead and bass vocals. "Pray Like Daniel," is one of three acapella songs on the recording. Kudos to the producer and engineer at HAAGE MUSIC PRODUCTIONwhose technical perfection adds to the overall appeal of "How Sweet the Sound."

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"On behalf of the Black Hills Bluegrass Association I want to thank you for performing at our festival. You did a wonderful job and everyone enjoyed the music!" - Sincerely, Carol McConnell, President Black Hills Bluegrass Association https://blackhillsbluegrass.com/